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Double Sheet Detection Product Videos

DS210 Demo Video

Single probe, contacting double sheet detector for ferrous metals with pulse and release technology. 

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DS600 Demo Video

Single probe, non-contact, non-marring double sheet detector for very thin to very thick aluminum metal.

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DS1522 Demo Video

Dual-probe, non-contact double sheet detector measuring a wide range of thicknesses for all metal types.

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DS60 Demo Video

Simple, compact, low-cost double sheet detector for thin steel and other ferrous metals.

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Metal Container Product Videos


MD30 TestAlert Demo Video

Air leak detection system for Borden/Alcoa-style can body leak testers.

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Light Detection Demo Video

Complete end light leak detection system for high-speed EOE conversion presses.

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SD230 TriSense Video Demo

Double shell, missing tab and leak detector for high-speed EOE conversion presses.

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DS71 Demo Video

Single-probe, non-contacting double end detection systems for magnetic conveyors.

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TestAlert Testimonial

See what other customers value about the MD30 TestAlert system for their air testers.

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Light Detection Video

See our End Light Leak Detection system installed on a conversion press.

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Eclipse for Can Ends Video

Overview video of the latest from Prime Controls, Eclipse Leak Detection Technology for Can Ends.

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