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End of Life Policy


End of Life Policy

As part of our ongoing product development and product life cycle process. Prime Controls will periodically discontinue the sale of specific products. Prime Controls will always work to ensure there is a convenient replacement that meets or exceed the previous product specification. Please see the key terms below for our End of Life policy, as well as a typical timeline (Table 1).

End of Life (EOL) Announcement: Once an EOL Announcement is issued for a product, the clock starts ticking. Customers will have approximately 6-12 months to place orders for the specific product.

End of Sales (EOS): The last date to order the product through sales channels, typically12 months after the EOL Announcement. Additionally, no new improvements or features are provided in the form of software releases after this date. Prime Controls will still offer hardware repair or replacement.

End of Service: After End of Service, all support services including repair and tech support for the product are normally unavailable, typically 5 years after End of Life Announcement.

Extended Support Period: Prime Controls can extend maintenance and support coverage after the End of Service date, provided a number of measures are jointly taken with the customer at least 6 months before End of Service date. For more information, please contact:

Prime Controls will make every effort to maintain announced product EOL timelines. Factors beyond Prime Controls’ control, such as part obsolescence, can affect our ability to meet these commitments.


Approved by BG 8/29/23


End of Life Products

SD220, SD230
SD222, SD232
SD223, SD233
SD122, SD132
SD123, SD133
DS1500, DS1520
CBL104-3, CBL104-6
P15CB, P15AV