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Prime Controls DS600 Series

Our double sheet detectors are trusted by the top automakers from around the world.

Backed by 25+ years of experience, Prime Controls’ extensive line of world-class double sheet detection solutions improve your bottom line, boost product quality, and ramp up your manufacturing efficiency.

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When double sheets of metal are unintentionally fed into a machine, the additional thickness can cause significant damage to tools and dies or create a double stamped defective product.

This damage can shut your production line down while repairs are underway, leaving you with lost profits and unplanned expenses, or even worse—a refused shipment due to defective double stamped products, assuming the defective product somehow made it out of your plant.

Prime Controls can help you avoid this challenge.

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Our Top Products

Our innovative double sheet detection product line is setting a higher standard for quality, reliability, and accuracy for manufacturers.

Prime Controls DS210 Series Double Sheet Detection

DS210 System

When paired with an electromagnetic smart sensor, this detector uses pulse and release technology for easy sheet transfer. Well suited for pick-and-place and end-of-arm robotic transfer applications. Additional features include multiple calibration memory, remote calibration and setup, compact design, convenient mounting, and wash-down safe.


Prime Controls DS600 Series Double Sheet Detection

DS600 Series

Suitable double sheet detector for thin to thick non-ferrous metals. Single sensor, non-contact, and non-marring. Perfect for aluminum auto body parts manufacturing, where the trend toward using more and more aluminum is becoming widespread.



Prime Controls DS150 Series Double Sheet Detection

DS150 Series

Includes a nice range of controls from the most basic function to the most ultimate in features. When paired with two non-contacting double sheet sensors, will measure a wide range of thicknesses for all metal types.


Prime Controls DS60 Series Double Sheet Detection

DS60 Series

Simple, compact, low-cost double sheet detection system. Powerful, yet just 18mm in diameter, this single-probe detector delivers the same great double sheet detection with added features and flexibility for thin steel and other ferrous metals.


We’ve Got You Covered.

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Prime Controls has a wide range of double sheet detection systems for metals such as steel, copper, and aluminum, covering a wide range of metal thicknesses, from very thin foils to very thick blanks of steel.

Whether our sensors can contact your metal, or if you would prefer the metal to pass between or not contact the metal, we’ve got you covered.

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We are the leader in double sheet detection, backed by 25+ years of experience, providing services to the canmaking, automotive, appliance, and other metal forming sectors.