Prime Controls provides metal sensing solutions and custom engineering for various industries. Whatever industry you’re in or whatever product you manufacture, we have quality sensors and controls to help improve your overall efficiency, quality and safety. A few of the primary industries we serve include:

The choice for the best food and beverage can makers all over the world, Prime Controls' metal sensing solutions solve quality control issues through double sheet detection, the detection of missing tabs, and leaks. For leak detection, we offer light and air tester controls.

View our Canmaking Brochure here.

Shorter product cycles and cost optimization forces automotive companies today to be more efficient in their development, inspection, and production processes.  Prime Controls' sensing solutions makes processes in and around your automotive parts production faster, more efficient and safer, while reducing defects to mandated levels and complying with the modern steels and alloys used in today's automobiles. 

The manufacturing of household appliances, ranging from washers, dryers and air conditioning units to refrigerators and stoves, can present special challenges to sensors due to weak magnetic properties and low electrical conductivity of the materials used. Prime Controls offers metal sensing solutions to the appliance industry that account for these special requirements.

Applications such as metal forming or processing will often expose the sensor to target impact, abrasion and the affects of aggressive solvents and fluid. In these applications, Prime Controls sensors can reduce down time and extend service-life making your overall production more profitable.