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Nearly All of the Cans in the World Have Been Inspected by Our Products

Prime Controls Trisense Series

Our sensors and control systems are used by top global producers of canmaking machinery.

Prime Controls’ metal sensing systems detect quality issues such as double sheet detection, the detection of double shell and missing tabs, and leak or hole detection. For leak detection, we offer complete light and air tester controls.

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Our Top Products

Our innovative product line is setting a higher standard for quality, reliability, and accuracy for canmakers.

SD230 FLEX - MINI - Side by Side


Dual-function, fully configurable double shell and missing tab detection system providing two key quality inspection points on the conversion press.


Beverage Ends System Composite

Eclipse End Light Leak Detection

Light leak detection system featuring Eclipse Technology for EOE conversion presses; detecting holes and crack in beverage can ends on the outfeed of the press. 


Prime Controls MD30 TestAlert System

MD30 TestAlert System

Upgrades 3-piece can or easy-open end air leak testers with today’s technology. Replaces obsolete controls such as MD2, MD3, and MD20.


Prime Controls LT LED Upgrade System

LT LED Upgrade System

LED Upgrade for Stolle Randolph LT Series Can Body Light Tester. Upgrade halogen lights to LED lamps for energy, labor cost, and downtime savings.


Eclipse Logo HR full color


Introducing ECLIPSE

Eclipse outperforms existing light testing technology 20x by easily detecting 0.5 micron holes and cracks in can ends at speeds over 1,000 ends per minute and detects beyond 0.5 mils holes in can bodies at speeds over 3,600 cans per minute. When innovation and accuracy count, we are ready to deliver.


We’ve Got You Covered.

Prime Controls Canmaking Plug Image

Prime Controls is revolutionizing metal sensing and control technology for all canmaking needs with our vast and innovative product line. We’re changing the way your work is done with sensing and detection solutions that improve your bottom line, boost product quality, and ramp up your manufacturing efficiency.

As a crucial part of the quality control process, our products are designed to provide canmakers assurance of a quality final product. From world-class double sheet detection to double shell and missing tab solutions and both air and light leak detection, we’ve got you covered.

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Canmaking is the Foundation of Our Past and the Focus of Our Future.

Our products are high quality. They are skillfully hand assembled using durable components. As a customer-focused company, we exist to help you determine the product that will work best for you.


Double End and Missing Tab Applications

Prime Controls explains how their double shell and missing tab detection solutions help ensure quality can ends are produced on high-speed EOE conversion presses. Let us help boost product quality and ramp up your manufacturing efficiency with our metal sensing solutions.