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Backed by 25+ Years of Experience


The key to our success is our commitment to solving our customers’ needs.

About 99 percent of our company’s products originated as an idea from one of you.

And for that, we are grateful.


We Were Small,
yet Ambitious.

We are deeply rooted in the field of double sheet detection, with a history that began long before our company inception. It began over 50 years ago through Hyde Park Electronics (which is now a part of Schneider Electric). In the fall of 1992, we got our official start when we spun off of Hyde Park Electronics.

Equipped with many years of experience in our field, our team set out on a mission. With our combined history and depth of understanding in double sheet detection, as well as our customer commitment, we began to grow.


The Prime Controls of Yesterday Is Far from What It Is Today.

Originally, Prime Controls focused on improving Hyde Park’s double sheet detection product line using the latest technology.

Today, Prime Controls is a leader in double sheet detection, providing products and services to the canmaking, automotive, appliance, and other metal-forming sectors.

We are the world’s supplier of double end and missing tab detectors for high-speed, easy-open end manufacturing lines for food and beverage cans. Nearly all of the cans in the world have been inspected by one of our products. The company is committed to developing and manufacturing high-quality metal sensors and controls with the best materials and the most advanced technology.


We Make Customer Service Our Top Priority and Will Be Available If You Have Any Problems.

You can expect to get a high-quality product that ships quickly. OEMs can expect to get a partner who will help you design systems to avoid any quality issues you foresee.

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We Believe Our Team Is One of Our Greatest Assets.

We look for ways to create a company culture that focuses on team building and giving individuals a purpose.

Prime Controls Staff Picture Larry Tucker

Larry Tucker

Owner & Chairman
Larry has a long history in double sheet detection, which began when he was just 19 years. He got his start at Hyde Park Electronics as their very first employee. He climbed the ranks, starting out as a technician, then moving to field service, and then onto sales. Finally, he landed as the VP of Sales & Marketing before breaking off of Hyde Park to start Prime Controls in 1992.
Prime Controls Staff Picture Beth Graves

Beth Graves

While Beth officially started working at Prime Controls in 2011, she remembers editing articles and literature pieces for her father’s company, Prime Controls, when she was in high school. Beth earned a master’s in Business Administration and spent over 10 years in the industry before joining the Prime Controls team. Now, as the second generation to the family-owned business, she believes the future of the company rests on the talented people they are attracting to the business and their drive to learn and improve.

Sales & Marketing 

Prime Controls Staff Picture Brad  Weaver

Brad Weaver

Director of Sales
Prime Controls Staff Picture Mark Mohn

Mark Mohn

Sales Manager
Prime Controls Employee Brett Vance

Brett Vance

Business Development Manager
Prime Controls Staff Picture Joe Reichert

Joe Reichert

Inside Sales & Support
Prime Controls Staff Picture Brittany Loyd

Brittany Loyd

Marketing Coordinator


Prime Controls Staff Picture Bob Clodfelter

Bob Clodfelter

Director of Engineering
Prime Controls Staff Phil Nash

Phil Nash

Sr. Electrical Engineer

Josh Dewesse

Software Engineer
Ron Freeze crop

Ron Freeze

Repairs Engineer

Production & Quality

Prime Controls Staff Picture Stephanie Miller

Stephanie Miller

Production Manager
Prime Controls Employee Mike Miller

Mike Miller

Electronic Assembly, Shipping & Quality Coordinator
Prime Controls Staff Picture Denise Donisi

Denise Donisi

Electronic Assembly


Prime Controls Staff Picture Jessica King

Jessica King

Financial Manager

International Distributors

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