Smart Solenoid Compound Gun Driver used on high-speed Compound End Liners

    Specifically designed to control and improve the performance of dispensing guns for the canmaking industry, the DM201 reduces the amount of heat buildup inside the dispensing gun resulting in a more accurate spray and longer run time between required cleanings. Other capabilities that the DM201 offers are the ability to calibrate the nozzle depth automatically, along with a monitoring output to tell the PLC that the gun is working correctly. This driver operates on 24VDC power, and offers outputs for the Solenoid, Spray Status, and Nozzle Bottom. Inputs are for Power, Increase and Decrease Nozzle Calibration, and Trigger.

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    Air leak detection system for Borden/Alcoa-style can body leak testers.

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    Air leak detection system for a variety of leak test machines.

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