Prime Controls is deeply rooted in the field of Double Sheet Detection, with a history which began long before our company inception.  It began over fifty years ago through Hyde Park Electronics (which is now apart of Schneider Electric).  In the fall of 1992, we got our official start when we spun off of Hyde Park Electronics.  We were small, yet ambitious.  Equipped with many years of experience in our field, our team set out on a mission.  With our combined history and depth of understanding in Double Sheet Detection, as well as our customer commitment, we began to grow. 

The Prime Controls of yesterday is far from what it is today.  Originally, Prime Controls focused on improving Hyde Park’s Double Sheet Detection product line using the latest technology.  Within five years, the company had successfully accomplished that goal by replacing or improving all previous generation Double Sheet Detectors with features such as: pushbutton calibration, automatic frequency adjustment, international ready power supply and more.    

Over the years, the product line has evolved to meet the needs of our customers.  Totally new Double Sheet Detectors were designed to provide automatic calibration, thin foil detection, and the detection of difficult metals, such as copper and stainless steel.  New products are continually being developed to provide solutions for applications beyond Double Sheet Detection, which include Metal Thickness Detection, Part Detection, and Leak Detection.     
Today, Prime Controls is a leader in Double Sheet Detection, providing products and services to the can making, automotive, appliance and other metal forming sectors.  It is the world’s supplier of Double End & Missing Tab Detectors for high-speed, easy-open end manufacturing lines for food and beverage cans.  Nearly all of the cans in the world have been inspected by one of our products.  The company is committed to developing and manufacturing high quality metal sensors and controls with the best materials and the most advanced technology. 
The key to our success is our commitment to solving our customer's needs.  About 99% of our company’s products originated as an idea from one of you.  And for that, we are grateful.
Thank you for considering Prime Controls.