Double Sheet Detection is an important part of quality control to prevent two or more sheets of metal from entering metal processing machines at one time.  Failure to detect double sheets of metal or double blanks can damage tools and dies, resulting in costly repairs and downtime.

Our Double Sheet Detection Systems are created by combining a controller and single or dual probes, depending on the application.  We also offer accessories, such as cables and brackets to complete the application needs. 

Single Probe Double Sheet Detection uses one probe and a controller to measure the thickness of the metal or the presence of two or more sheets of metal and is generally used when metal is detected from one side only.  Because there is only one probe, the probe must come in contact with the metal.  

Dual Probe Double Sheet Detection uses two probes and a controller to measure the thickness of the metal or the presence of two or more sheets of metal.  The metal sheet passes between both probes, creating a blockage of signal.  The amount of signal reaching the receiver is inversely proportional to the metal thickness.  Because there are two probes, with the metal passing between, the probes do not come in contact with the metal, a valuable piece of information for customers looking for a non-contact method. 

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View our Double Sheet Detection Brochure here.