Prime Controls, Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of high quality metal sensors and controls for the can making, automotive, appliance and other metal forming industries. We specialize in Double Sheet Detection and are the world’s supplier of Double End and Missing Tab Detectors for high-speed, easy-open End Presses for food and beverage cans. We also offer engineering services for companies with unique metal sensing needs.

Our products are high quality. They are skillfully handmade, using durable components. Because we are a customer-focused company, we exist to help you determine the product that will work best for you. With Prime Controls, you will get individual attention and dedicated service.  Your success is our success.

We get this question often.  Double Sheet Detection is the process of using sensors and controls to prevent more than one sheet of metal from entering a production line.  For instance, in the can making industry, when cans are made, sheets of metal are fed into large metal forming machines at high speeds.  Occasionally, the sheets of metal that are used to make cans stick together when they enter the machine, which can damage the machine, leading to costly downtime and repairs.  Our products detect the double sheets of metal before they enter the line.  So essentially, our products are heroes of sorts.  Our metal detection sensors and controls work in much the same way across other industries and throughout the world.