Failure to detect holes or leaks in your end product can lead to a high level of customer complaints and dissatisfaction. The quality of the food or functionality of the metal container depends upon a leak or hole free container.  Even the smallest of holes, can lead to air exposure, and ultimately a spoiled or defective end product. 

Our line of leak detection sensors and controls uses either light or air to detect leaks or holes. 

Although the technologies differ across each product, the general principle of operation remains the same.  Our light tester leak detectors shine light outside of a container.  A sensor, which is positioned inside of the container will detect if light seeps through the container. 

Go GREEN with IllumiLED TL101.  These light testers use LED light, which reduces overall energy consumption, offering considerable savings, and also adding to a company's sustainability goals.  For more information, click here

Because there are limitations to where light can reach, especially for metal containers with multiple bends and rivets, by using our air tester leak detectors, air can wrap around those bends and detect leaks, even in the difficult to reach spots.     

Do you have a unique need for leak detection?  We'd like to help.  Let us know about your specific application.  For a complete list of our products, please visit our online catalog.