DS600 Control

Brand New! The DS600 is the latest addition to our line of Double Sheet Detection controls. When paired with specific non-contact, single probe sensor, the DS600 controller will detect non-ferrous metals (such as 300 Series Stainless Steel and Aluminum) with thicknesses ranging from .025mm-3.81mm (.001”-.150”). Housed in an IP65-rated enclosure, the DS600 unit is thoroughly protected in the typical shop floor environment. This system is ideal for automotive metal stampers, due to the industries increased use of non-ferrous metals to reduce the weight of vehicles, along with automation applications such as robotics, automated de-stackers, sheet feeders and in-fixture (Poke-A-Yoke) where sensing from only one side is possible.
Model: DS600



DS600 Premium
A hands-off product, offering eight-slot calibration memory, easily selected through discrete I/O, for quick change-overs with no recalibrations required. This model also provides threshold adjustments and variable timing during the detection process for better gauging of metal thickness and more defined measurements.

Model: DS600-P

DS600 PremiumPLUS
With all the features of the DS600 Premium, the DS600 PremiumPLUS also offers additional memory (64-slot calibration memory), memory backup and industrial communications capabilities to get the most out of the Double Sheet Detector.
Model: DS600-PC

Probe Series:
Pair with P80T30P Probe for non-ferrous metal (such as 300 Series Stainless Steel and Aluminum)

Product Specifications
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