Double Sheet Detection Controller - DS210

The "Pulser II" DS210 with SENSOR MEMORY, is a Double Metal Sheet Controller, when combined with a specific single probe sensor will detect Ferrous Metals (Steel and Tinplate) with thicknesses ranging from .26mm-6.04mm (.01"-.24"). The secret behind Pulser II is its electromagnetic, smart sensor.  It's smart because it remembers calibration values.  Once the sensor is calibrated, it can be disconnected and reconnected at a later time, all while remembering the last calibration.  Each probe can remember up to eight calibration values.  This can be a helpful, time saver when switching between applications.  

The Pulser II's advanced technology uses a short pulsed signal to take the measurement, releasing the metal sheet immediately for easy sheet transfer. 

Well suited for pick and place and end of arm robotic transfer applications. 

To View of Video of a Pulser System in Action on the End of a Robotic Arm, Click Here.

Product Specifications
Operating Instructions