LT Series LED Lamp Upgrade Kit

This “Green” Alternative Replaces the Halogen lamps on the Stolle Randolph LT Series Can Body Light Testers with LED Lamps resulting in significant cost savings over time.

TL102 LED Lamp (Qty 8)
Mechanical Assembly Kit (Qty 1)
Electrical Assembly Kit (Qty 1)

Reduced Energy Consumption results in significant savings:
Currently, the four halogen lamps consume 500 watts each; whereas, each of the eight LED lamp units consume only 30 watts.  Assuming 24/7 operation and an electricity cost of $.12/kWh, this would save nearly $2000 per year in electricity alone.

Reduced Labor Cost & Downtime for unplanned lamp replacement:
The LED lamp has a life of 50,000 hours, as opposed to the 2,000 hour life of a halogen bulb. You’ll only change the LED bulb every six years, instead of every 3 months.  

Lower Operating Temperature Increases Safety:
The LED Lamps Operate at a much lower temperature than the halogen bulbs, increasing machine & operator safety.  

Minimal Rework:
Everything needed to upgrade the system is include in the upgrade kit. The mechanical assembly kit includes aluminum brackets that are lightweight for easy installation.  The Electrical Assembly Kit includes a power supply, breaker, contactors, and a dimmer. Minimal rework is required for installation.  

Full Coverage:
Includes eight LED lamps for full can coverage

The TL102 LED Lamp Upgrade was designed in conjunction with Stolle Machinery as a result of customer feedback looking for a more cost effective light source on the Stolle Randolph LT Can Body Light Tester.  The complete LED Lamp Upgrade pays for itself in the first year, when factoring in the elimination of downtime due to unplanned lamp replacements.   

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